Google Search Console: Tutorial and Beginner’s Guide [2020]

Google Search Console: Tutorial and Beginner’s Guide [2020]
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Google Search Console: Tutorial and Beginner’s Guide [2020] : It is One of the most important topic I am going to share in this tutorial. If you are planning to create a site or already have a website that generates low traffic, then this guide will help you in increasing your site’s traffic. 

The web marketers always try to search different different kinds of ways of increasing the search traffic for their website. The competition in this filed is also increasing everyday. There are lots of techniques and strategies you can find on the internet to increase your site’s traffic.

Google Search Console is one of the most effective and user-friendly online tool to manage and improve the traffic of your site with it’s simple tools. 

GSC or Google Search console, is the Google’s most powerful tool for website developers as well as web marketers. GSC is not so popular as Google Analytics is, but if you started using it once, then you will find that it is the most beneficial tool for your site.

In this article I am sharing the most awesome benefits of Google Search console. You will be able to know what extra features this tool have for which every SEO Expert uses this tool, and also how does it helps in driving a huge traffic for your website. 

What is Google Search Console ?

The full form of GSC is Google Search Console, is considered as a the base for all things that you like to do related for your website. GSC is the free tool of Google in which you can monitor and maintain your website’s search appearance for the Google’s as well as other search engine search results.

As mentioned, this is offered by Google for free and you do not have to sign up and enroll for this. You just need to know how to navigate and use this tool to aid you in checking the overall performance of your website. 

Below you will find some more benefits of google search console 

GSC is SEO Expert and Specialist. Every SEO Marketers whose primary job responsibility is on focusing more on advance online marketing techniques, then GSC will help them in making the sure that they can monitor their site at an easy way.

You also can optimize your website and generate technical decisions, as well as influence various marketing analysis based on result of your site’s performance displayed by Google Search console

GSC also helps you in administering your website’s data as it is a Website Administrators. If you are running a website and your primary goal is to make your website’s operation healthy and secure, then google search console will help you in improving your site’s performance in an easy way.

How to use Google Search Console?

With the help of GSC, you can fix any server errors, load issues, and also the major issue like site’s security. If you will use GSC, you will be able to perform these tasks without any hindrance.

If you are a Business Owner and want to build your site to reach a wider audience, then you may use GSC to properly monitor and optimize your website traffic and performance.

GSC is also very helpful for the Website Developers. The developer faces and work with complex website building codes. With the help of Google Search Console, website developers can resolve the markup issues very easily and also the errors in the structured data.

These all are the advantages of using Google Search console. Now below you will find out how to use Google Search Console. 

How to add and Verify A Site In Google Search Console 

If you are using GSC for the first time, then before using this tool, the first thing you need should know that you have to verify your site on GSC. After verifying your site, Google will determine you that whether you are are a webmaster, website owner, or an authorized user..

The first thing you have to do is create a GSC account. After creating the GSC account, open it’s homepage and click on “Add Property Box”. In this box you have to enter your website name or it’s full address. After that a window will open, in which the address of your site will be displayed as you have successfully added and verified your account. 

Next Step is Annexing An HTML Tag 

After adding your site to GSC, the next step is to verify your site in GSC. For this, click on “Manage Property” box and “Verify This Property”. Here you will the option for verifying your propertly through HTML Tag. So click on “Add HTML Tag”.

After that copy the HTML code of your website and paste the same in to the GSC window that you have already opened. 

After successfully adding the verification code in GSC, you will be able to see your site’s name is verified site’s list. If won’t get unverified. 

2nd Method: By Uploading HTML File 

You can also verify your site using this method. First download the HTML File from the manage Site’s option then after click on verify this site. After downloading it, don’t make any unnecessary changes in this file because Google Search Console won’t read it if you do so. The next step is upload this HTML file in your root folder through File Manager option in your hosting account.

3rd Method: By Domain Name Provider 

You can also verify your site using your Domain Name Provider. Just download the HTML file and ask your domain name provider to verify your site using that HTML Code.

4th Method: By Utilizing Google Tag Manager 

You can also verify your site using the Tag Manager tool. By using this method, you will be able to view, manage or edit an enabled account in GTM. The same things with the other categories, do not remove your add GTM to make sure you have a verified website. 

Conclusion: If you like the article on Google Search Console for increasing the site’s traffic, then share it with others. 

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