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What is guest posting in SEO: I welcome all readers on this guest posting article. If you are looking for an opportunity for guest blogging, then In this article I will tell you what is guest posting in SEO and why it is important for new bloggers as well as for old ones. So let’s begin with the topic guest posting in SEO.

Guest posting means the practice of contributing or writing a post on another person’s blog or website in order to build a relationship with other bloggers as well as to make up a large percentage of conversations on the Internet, through various social media platform like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. And in the process to make other bloggers friends too and by creating more friends or followers on social media, we will ultimately make lead for our blog.

Benefits of Guest Posting Sites

Friends if you are writing on another person’s website or blog, then you will get lots of benefits from those guest posts. Some of the benefits are given below.

  • Guest blogging is a powerful online marketing technique and also a powerful link building source.
  • Your website or blog will get lots of traffic just because of a link that you created by guest posting on a high ranked blogger’s website.
  • After a couple of days, these backlinks will raise the value of your blog in search engines, and your content will make easier to be searchable on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.
  • Linking on other bloggers website is one of the most primary ranking factors in Google

Some more Guest blogger opportunities

  • Improve Your Writing Skills
  • Get Quality Traffic
  • Build Domain and Search Engine Authority
  • Build Your Online Influence
  • Develop Your Authority
  • Build Your Portfolio and Credibility
  • Build Your Profile
  • Increase Your Exposure and Brand Awareness,
  • Build Your Subscriber Base
  • Know What Others Think of You

Where can I get lists of sites for guest blogging

Friends don’t worry I will provide you many sites that are accepting guest blogging for your blogs and can become a guest blogger for those sites. These sites will give a big opportunity for guest posting. And you will become a good guest post blogger. Below are some of the websites where you write blog posts.

Sites for Guest blogging opportunities in India

In India also there are many guest blogging websites opportunities for guest blogging. With the help of these link building sites, you can create your profile and post your blog for improving the quality and traffic of your blog in short time so that maximum traffic to your sites can be generated. The list of guest blogging opportunities in India is given below and you can try them too.

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